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Keeping Your Portable Units Clean

December 5, 2014

How Often Does a Porta-Potty Need to Be Cleaned?


are used in a wide range of places where traditional restrooms are not readily available. They are used on construction sites, formal events and even in campgrounds. The rented porta-potty offers a worry free restroom for any event or location. When renting a porta-potty, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, the number of people who will be using it to determine how many you need, the maintenance schedule of when your rental company should come out and clean the unit and what will happen if the maintenance schedule is not kept.

How Many Porta-Potties are Needed

There are many variables that go into figuring out how many toilets should be at events. Construction sites are the easiest to determine. The general rule of thumb is that for every 10 full-time employees whom work 40 hours per week, there should be one toilet. In the case of special events it is a bit more difficult to calculate. The trend is that every event should have a minimum of two, one for men and one for women. Most places are now also requiring that there is also a handicapped toilet option at the event as well.

How Often Do Porta-Potties Need Cleaned?
The maintenance schedule for porta-potties depends on the use, how many people are using them and the climate in which they are used. Your rental company will help you to determine the exact maintenance schedule that is right for you and your event. In most cases, the porta-potty company should come out at least one time per week to ensure that the levels in the toilet are correct and that there are no unruly smells coming from it. During the servicing, they will pump the sewage if it is needed and add the proper chemicals to the bowl and even an air freshener if they offer it. They will also refill toilet paper and hand sanitizer during this process. If you feel that your toilet is becoming too full or you have freezing or extreme heat, you should be able to contact the company to come out to ensure that everything is working properly. When the toilet is returned, the company will scrub, rinse, clean and sanitize the unit so it is fresh for every new use.

Cleaning and maintaining the porta-potty is extremely important. Since this is a toilet, filled with raw sewage, it is a fine art of keeping the chemicals at the perfect levels to keep smells and bacteria in the bowl and not in the atmosphere. Disease and smells can form when the toilet is not properly maintained. Your rental company will advise you of your local and state regulations that determine how often your porta-potty needs to be serviced.

If you’re in need of porta-potty services, call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 for the best portable rentals in the Taylor area.