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When Will I Need A Lift-Kit?

November 28, 2014

Lift Kits & Their Uses

Portable toilets are often used for a variety of reasons. Construction workers and business owners often use them when there is work to be done on a site that is not located near a restroom facility. Lift kits are used in conjunction with portable toilets in order to safely raise them from the ground without causing a mess. They are used for transporting a restroom from one place to another.

Three Different Types of Lift Kits For Portable Toilets

Four Position Cable System Lift

This type of lift uses a four position cable system to safely life a portable toilet or restroom from the ground. All four corners of the restroom has a cable that is connected to it and conjoined in the middle. All hooks are safely connected to each other. This is a good cable to use when trying to keep the restroom leveled. Lifting a restroom and/or portable toilet can cause spills and accidents. The four position cable cord will make sure to keep the toilet balanced. It is designed to lift an entire unit and comes with assembly instructions.

Wet Lift Kit

Lift Kit RentalsThis kit is designed to lift a single restroom one at a time. The lift is made with a metal sling that is securely connected to two lift eyes. The lift eyes allows for the portable restroom to be transported safely. Most consumers will use this type of lift kit when they don’t have a plethora of units to move. The maximum weight a wet lift kit can hold is 1000 pounds. Consumers should only use this model if the portable restrooms are installed on a solid lumber. Restrooms that have been placed over a hollow plastic base are advised to use another lifting kit for transportation reasons.

High Rise Lifting Kit

These kits allow a portable restroom to be fitted to a high rise unit. A metal bar is then used to secure the unit. This type of lift is good for pivoting and can be transported to areas that may require a lot of maneuvering.

Lifting kits are a good idea to use for safety reasons. Due to the sheer size of the restroom, a lifting kit is always necessary in order to safely place it on leveled ground. Kits should always be used when a movable structure needs to be lifted from the ground and placed in another location.

Are you in need of a lift kit in the Taylor? Call Honeybucket today at (512) 309-4609 for top quality services.