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Our Services
RV Pumping

RV Septic Tank Pumping

Honey Bucket can service your RV and camper pump outs. We service over 1,200 RV’s a year and have the expertise and equipment to handle any type of job. When dump stations are not available, give us a call to assist with both black and grey water tanks. We can give you peace-of-mind and worry-free travel with our convenient on-site RV pumping service.



How does my RV tank work?

RV tanks are designed to turn everything in the tank into a liquid. The RV’s starting and stopping motion breaks down the solids and mix it with the flush water so the contents in the tank becomes a liquid. This liquid will then be able to flow out of the discharge value(s). The tank is also vented which helps prevent implosions when hooked up to a vacuum source.

What happens during an RV Pump Out?

When we pump out an RV, we attached our hose to the discharge value(s) and vacuum all the waste that has turned into liquid and that flows out of the value.  The time it takes depends on the size of the tank and the number of tanks.

I had my tank pumped but the gauge still says my tank is full. What’s going on?

There are several factors where this situation could happen. If the RV has been in heavy use but has also been sitting still for a while, the solids will build up, especially under the toilet. These solids will not flow to the discharge value and would give the appearance that the tank was not pumped (even though it was). Also, if the tank gets full, solids can cover the gauges sensors which will show a false reading.


The best way to prevent this is to either drive the RV around to mix up solids in the liquids before we arrive or while we are on-site you can get a garden hose and spray water into the toilet to break-up and wash away the solid build-up as we pump.

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RV Pumping

Honey Bucket has the finest quality restrooms and continually adds new equipment to our extensive inventory. Our products offer comfort, excellent design and appearance, and a variety of options to best fit your needs.

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