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About Us

Fast Hand Sanitizers

April 10, 2020

Because of the nature of our work, Honey Bucket is considered an essential service during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are on the front lines making sure first responders, medical professionals, and other critical businesses can perform their vital work to help us get through all this. One of our values is a “can-do attitude” and to “be innovative and find a solution” for our customers. When the outbreak started, there was a large increase in demand for all our hot water sinks. They were all being rented very quickly. We wanted to give our customers another option instead of sinks to meet their demand. And we had to do it fast!

Our team in Salt Lake City, UT came up with an ingenious solution. We had a bunch of scrap fence material lying around, so we designed a two-headed hand sanitizer dispenser out of it. After a couple of prototypes, we came up with a working product. We then started manufacturing them. It takes 2 to 3 employees to build about 40 stands a day. We then got our teams in WA, OR, CA and TX involved, and they started making stands for our customers in all the states we operate in. We now have over 800 stands out for rent and a waiting list (that’s growing every day) for more. This is a product that didn’t exist for us a month ago, and now it’s helping customers and saving lives, as well as keeping us busy during this time.