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Your Party Deserves a Luxury Portable Toilet

December 4, 2015

Make any Event Better with Luxury Portable Toilet Trailers

One of the most important questions surrounding an outdoor event is “what about restrooms?” When planning an outdoor event, providing suitable restrooms will make or break the event. Luxury portable toilet trailers will enhance any event and make the host shine like a superstar.

Luxury Portable Toilet Trailers provides the most viable option when restrooms are needed for an event and the venue does not include the necessary accommodations or provide enough toilets for the number of people attending the event. The portable toilet trailers are an enclosure containing a toilet and hand washing station. The units are used as a temporary restroom for any event, but especially an outdoor event, such as a wedding or birthday celebrations, as well as neighborhood and corporate events.

Taylor, TX Portable Toilet RentalConvenience

The luxury portable toilet trailer people will help choose the number of portable toilets necessary based on the number of expected guests. This assures the host the lines to the temporary restrooms will not be so long guests will miss a portion of the event standing in line. Portable toilet trailers are also handicap accessible to accommodate guests who use wheel chairs, walkers and other devices to assist in mobility. This feature allows guests to be all inclusive. The toilets are also family friendly and provide an area for changing baby.


When attending an outdoor event, Luxury Portable Toilet Trailers will provide the comforts of home when using temporary restrooms. Guests will feel safe and secure using the units and have no reservations attending an outdoor event. The toilets are stable and comfortable. The portable toilet trailers are heated or cooled to add to the guests comfort, as well as being properly ventilated to make sure the unit does not become stuffy.


Luxury Portable Toilet Trailers are clean and sanitary and takes the worry about using a sanitary restroom out of the equation. The portable units are cleaned after every use and sanitized to eliminate bacteria. The toilets are equipped with the necessary toilet paper and hand washing and drying. There are also disposal containers for hand wiping cloths. This helps keep the unit tidy for all guests. Luxury Portable Toilet Trailers are constructed with the most environmentally friendly materials that can be cleaned thoroughly.

Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 for all your Taylor, TX portable toilet needs.