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With Portable Units, the Only Way is Clean Hands

October 3, 2014

Reasons to Rent Portable Hand Washing Stations


Portable Hand WasherPortable restrooms are typically found at various outside events. However, there are many aspects with these units that are often problematic. This includes keeping them maintained, individuals using proper hygiene, and keeping people happy. One option is the use of a portable hand washing station. Adding a separate station for hand washing will eliminate common problems that can occur when using portable toilets. Review some of the benefits of renting portable washing stations.


One aspect to keep in mind about portable toilets is many may not include a hand washing station. The toilet may require a sanitizing gel dispenser. Adding a portable hand washing station will eliminate any need to rely on sanitizing gel dispensers.

Reducing Long Lines

The most common reason for the long lines at portable toilets is people taking time to wash their hands and drying. Women may also take more time to apply makeup and other activities. These things can be done when at a portable hand washing station. The result is efficient use of portable toilets that leads to reduced wait times.


One important aspect to keep in mind about portable hand washing stations is the maintenance will not be as frequent as portable toilets. The reason is re-servicing is not necessary for a hand washing station for at least 600 or more washes. Another benefit is the use of trash bags for waste paper which build up in portable toilets.


The use of good hygiene standards is crucial for any public event. This can include a concert of even a fair taking place in a local area. Adding portable hand washing stations is an added benefit. They allow individuals to take their time washing and drying their hands without feeling rushed. Another aspect to keep in mind is hand washing stations often have a larger water capacity. Changing and restocking will also be easier when needed.

Taylor Portable UnitCustomization

These units are compact enough to be easily placed anywhere bathroom facilities are needed at outside events. One thing that is unique about these items is an umbrella can be used in-between when two are placed back-to-back. Many customization options are available.

Additional Options

Portable hand washing stations have the option of water and gel dispensers. This means that you might want to consider including both options. The reason is many people today are aware of germs and may be more likely to use hand sanitizing gel.

Need a Portable Hand Washer in your Taylor area? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today for our reliable services.