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Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilets

August 22, 2014

Why Should I Rent Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilet?


Port-a-potty Any outdoor event in which a large number of guests are expected would be a good reason for renting portable toilets. In addition, wheelchair accessible toilets should also be planned. Care in planning should be engaged with regard to the number of portable toilets that one rents. The number should be based on the number of guests that are expected to attend your event. For example if you expect a hundred people at your event, then you should rent at least three portable toilets with one of the toilets being wheelchair accessible.

This will provide access to toilets for all of your guests and prevent guests from having to stand in line or run in and out of your house.

Portable toilets also provide a more healthy environment and can be located in areas where the units can be discreet but still accessible to the event guests.

Portable PottyIf one is unsure of how many portable toilets to rent, an event planner can assist in consulting with you on the number of toilets that would accommodate your planned guests. In most instances a permit is not required but one should always check with the company that is providing the portable toilet rentals. The company providing the rental will also handle the delivery and pickup of the portable units but the renter should always check with the company. Moreover, the renter should plan ahead and confirm if the rentals have to be reserved prior to delivery. This will enable the renter to plan for the use of the portable toilets without fear that other events will wipe out the availability of the units.

In locating the wheel chair accessible toilets at your event, one should consider whether the toilet will be accessible to other wheel chair accessible areas. For example the toilets should be located away from grass areas and closer to side walk or other paved areas. This will allow the wheel chaired bound guest free access to the portable toilet units without the need for assistance from other guests.

The company renting the portable units should also ensure that the wheel chair accessible toilet unit is clearly marked. It will be the renter’s responsibility to make sure that the portable toilet units are stocked with the roper toiletries, such as hand soap, toilet paper, tissue and towels.

Are you in need of a wheelchair accessible portable toilet? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today for top-notch services in the Taylor area.