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Why are holding tanks important for a porta-potty?

June 6, 2014

The Importance of Holding Tanks


Holding tanks are very important for a porta-potty. When you use a porta-potty, the waste needs somewhere to go. That somewhere is a holding tank, so they are a crucial component to any porta-potty, whether it be in your RV or on the outside somewhere. Camping is a fun activity because of not having to deal with this area. What are the advantages of a holding tank for a porta-potty over one that is hooked up to a septic system? This article will review those advantages and will talk about why a holding tank is so important for a porta-potty.

1. A Technician working on a porta-potty with a holding tank does not need to be HAZMAT trained.

If the day ever comes where you will need to have someone work on your porta-potty then the technician that you hire for this job does not need to be HAZMAT trained if the porta-potty has a holding tank. However, if the porta-potty is attached to a septic tank instead of a holding tank he does need to be HAZMAT trained. HAZMAT trained professionals usually command more of a premium for the work that they do. So having a holding tank in your porta potty could certainly save you a dollar or two if this eventuality ever occurred.

2. A holding tank is easier to maintain than a septic tank.

In order to break down odors there are several chemicals that you can buy in order to help. RV holding tanks can be dumped at dumping stations throughout many campground sites. Unfortunately, many dumping stations for RVs are being closed because people are being sloppy about how they dump their waste water. RV owners should dump their waste water in the appointed spot only.

3. Holding Tanks help keep odors down.

A holding tank will help keep odors down and will keep your septic system safe. Having a safe RV experience is important, and a holding tank provides a safety net for good clean camping.

Call us today at (512) 309-4609 if you’re in need of a holding tank rental. We have immediate solutions for your situation!