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Where would I go to rent portable hand sanitizers?

February 28, 2014

Reasons to Rent Portable Hand Sanitizers


When planning an event where people will be interacting with each other, eating, or will need to use bathroom facilities, hand sanitizer is a must. Taking away as much stress as possible from your invited is important to us. A portable hand sanitizer unit will provide the security of cleanliness that everyone is entitled to.

In recent years the use of hand sanitizer has quickly grown in popularity. It is sold in bottles of varying sizes, from industrial-sized containers to fitting on a key chain. It is much simpler to use than a traditional sink and does not require one to touch a dirty surface after use. It is more cost effective because it cuts down on water and paper towel use. Many hospitals and doctor’s offices have recently incorporated hand sanitizer dispensers because of its effectiveness at killing bacteria too.

You may want to think about a few things to decide if a portable hand sanitizer is right for you. Will you have food at your event? Hand sanitizer not only kills bacteria, but is wonderful at helping napkins do their job at removing any sort of stickiness from people’s hands. Will people be interacting with each other a lot and shaking hands? Indoors or outdoors, will large amounts of people be touching or interacting with doors, door handles, tables, chairs, or any other item? The best way to prevent spread of bacteria is by ensuring that there are multiple stations of hand sanitizer at the ready. Stations can be placed at entrances and exits, by trash cans so they can be used immediately after throwing out their trash, at the beginning or end of lines, and in bathrooms. Whatever the event and wherever it may be, people will want to feel as though they are in a safe and clean environment. No one should ever have to worry that they are not.

Do you need to rent portable hand sanitizers in the Taylor, TX area? Call us at (512) 309-4609 and get started today!