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Where can I rent wheelchair accessible portable bathrooms?

March 14, 2014

Benefits Of Renting Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restrooms


To improve your next event or gathering, be sure to rent out not only just regular portable restrooms, but wheelchair accessible portable restrooms. Providing not only an exceptional bathroom for guests to use, but one that is accessible for all types of people will greatly enhance your guests’ perception of the event.

The main and most obvious reason to rent restrooms that are wheelchair accessible are so people with disabilities can have access to restrooms. Often, it’s not even possible for people in wheelchairs to use a regular portable bathroom. Therefore, to accommodate these guests, it is common courtesy to provide bathrooms that they will have the ability to use.

When you provide restrooms that accommodate those in wheelchairs, you’re also doing a service to elderly people, many of which benefit from the extra room and helpful features that are available in wheelchair accessible portable restrooms. Parents with young children that need help using the facilities will also be grateful for such features. Furthermore, if an event already requires the renting of portable restrooms, it only makes sense to include restrooms that are wheelchair accessible as everyone, and not just those with disabilities can use them.

At some point during a celebration or gathering, a large number of guests will need to use a restroom of some sort. Be sure that your portable bathrooms are located centrally in an easy to spot area. Your guests that will require wheelchair access bathrooms will especially appreciate a location that is easily navigable by wheelchair. Ensure that there is a smooth flat surface that leads to the doorway of an the portable bathroom that is wide enough for a wheelchair.

At the end of the day, it is imperative that you rent wheelchair accessible bathrooms for your next event or gathering. This will benefit not only those in wheelchairs, but elderly people, parents with young children, or people with other special needs. Providing these facilities will ensure that you avoid potentially embarrassing situations for both you and your guests. Renting wheelchair accessible portable restrooms will help ensure that your special events run as smoothly as possible.

Do you need to rent wheelchair accessible portable toilets in Taylor, TX?  Contact Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today!