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Where can I rent wheelchair accessible portable bathrooms?

April 4, 2014

Benefits Of Renting Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restrooms


When you are renting a portable restroom there is so much to consider. The placement and number of the restrooms that you choose to rent for your event might be the focus of your mind, but there is one more thing to consider. You might be aware that portable restrooms do come in more than one size and you might lean towards the wheelchair accessible version for its’ larger size.

You may not expect that anyone in a wheelchair will attend your function but if you really think about it, the size is ideal just in case and for more than just people in wheelchairs. You may simply not notice the number of people using wheelchairs as they are not the anomaly that they used to be. Even if people in wheelchairs are not in attendance, anyone using a walker for assistance will also appreciate the roomier accommodations to maneuver their durable medical equipment.

Another thing you may not have thought of is that wheelchair accessible portable restrooms are a relief to people who are larger in stature. With the rising number of obese citizens, the larger restrooms are often used by those that are heavy. It prevents them from being cramped or embarrassed at the small size of regular restrooms.

You also may not be aware that families with small children will be apt to use the larger restrooms as well. When you have to fit more than one person in a small toilet area it can be very difficult. Small children require someone to assist them or just plain can’t be left alone and that means that they have go with a parent or other adult. Oh, and pregnant women will require more room and may even have use for the railings to assist them to a standing position.

You may think that renting wheelchair accessible portable restrooms are not necessary. However, when you take into account that people in wheelchairs are not the only ones who will enjoy the larger size you may lean towards choosing the bigger rentals.

Do you need to rent wheelchair accessible portable toilets in Taylor, TX?  Contact Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today!