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Where can I rent portable toilets?

November 22, 2013

Things to consider Before Renting Portable Toilets


Portable toilets were developed for use at construction sites, but they have become quite popular for use at large gatherings and other places where temporary conveniences are necessary. The portable toilets provide privacy when answering the call of nature, but there are a few things to consider before renting one.

Consider the season the portable toilet will be used. If it will be used during cold weather, make sure the provider uses anti freezing material to avoid having the water freeze. There are different size portable units available and it is important to know the dimensions of the area where the portable units will be located. When placing the unit for use, it should have easy accessibility to allow users to get in and out of the unit safely.

If the portable unit will be rented for an extended period of time, understand who will maintain the unit. Maintenance may be part of the basic rental cost or it might be an additional charge. Another important consideration is how often the unit will receive or need maintenance for obvious reasons. If it is up to the renter to maintain the unit, they will have to know how to perform the necessary maintenance o find someone who does.

Not all portable toilets come with the necessary toilet supplies such as toilet paper or disposable seat covers. Hearing the first guest to ask where the items are located is no time out they are not included. If the unit will be used for an extended period of time, ask if a hand sanitizing station is included. If it is not, consider renting one.

Delivery and pickup is another important consideration. It is always best to have the unit in place before the event begins and in most cases the day before is always best. Removing the unit from the area is more convenient for the renter and guests if it is removed the day after the event. It is important the unit owner cleans the area of any spills before leaving the site.

Be sure to have enough portable toilets on hand to accommodate the number of guests expected. This prevents too few units being over taxed from use and allows for a reasonable wait time while being used. The portable toilet company will recommend the number of units necessary.

Looking to rent portable toilets in Taylor, TX?  Contact Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 and get started today!