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Where can I find portable hand sanitizers?

December 20, 2013

5 Reasons to Rent Portable Hand Sanitizers


There are many sound reasons why businesses or event sponsors should rent portable hand sanitizers. They should be readily available for conferences, shows, seminars and any other public event that draws crowds. Here are five reasons why portable hand sanitizers are a great idea.

Portable hand sanitizers are very economical to rent. They cost less than any permanent fixture and once they are used for an event, they are returned to the business. There is no clean up or maintenance required since they are the responsibility of the company renter, who will make sure they are properly stocked and ready to use. They are generally rented out by the hour and are great for large or small group gatherings. Hand sanitizers only dispense enough for one individual, with no waste.

As the name implies, portable hand sanitizers are portable and can be moved to any location within a business, show or conference. They can also be relocated once the demand in a certain area is gauged. Several can be placed in high traffic areas to keep up with extended use. They are shock proof and small enough to be placed anywhere, although not large enough to take up excess room.

Hand sanitizers are excellent appliances for killing germs. They provide the same results as a soap and water hand-wash, yet the process is more convenient and faster. They are especially convenient and valuable during events where food and drinks are served. This negates the possibility of transferring harmful bacteria and spreading germs.

Portable hand sanitizers are a welcome and added touch when portable restrooms are used for a group gathering. Since there are no sinks to provide a hand cleansing, hand sanitizers fill the bill and get the job done. Customers and event personnel will appreciate the thoughtfulness of adding these appliances, where hygiene will be an issue.

Portable hand sanitizers do very well in outdoor events, like a picnic grounds, playground or park. Sometimes outdoor venues lack any form of plumbing other than a basic bathroom. Sanitizers can be placed on food and beverage tables, providing easy access to all attendants. As an added bonus, they teach children to practice clean, sanitary habits where food is served.

Do you need to rent portable hand sanitizers in the Taylor, TX area? Call us at (512) 309-4609 and get started today!