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When is it recommendable to rent a portable toilet?

May 8, 2014

When is it recommendable to rent a portable toilet?


Portable toilets have grown in popularity over the years and are now being used for a multiplicity of reasons. It is recommendable to rent portable toilets for all outdoor events, especially those which attract very large gatherings. It is also wise to rent portable toilets for work sites, especially construction sites, farms and ranches where regular toilet facilities are usually not readily available.

They are also ideal for camp sites, particularly those located in remote areas. For major outdoor events such as outdoor music festivals which usually attract anywhere from hundreds to thousands of patrons, renting dozens of portable toilets provides ready sanitation. In fact, portable toilets which are wide ranging in size and design are recommended for use in more ways than once imagined.

Families are recommended to rent them for leisure-related activities therefore allowing them to venture further into areas that they would previously be concerns about toilet facilities. They can be rented for use in vans and van conversions, boats, in cabins and cottages. Now hunters are into the mix as well as they can take them to the hunting grounds or use them with recreational vehicles as a secondary toilet. If planning an over-the-road trip, renting a portable toilet is ideal especially with a long-haul truck. Even locations that are faced with water shortage or power outages should rent one in order to avoid sanitation issues.

Portable toilets can be pulled apart easily as the top half is a combined freshwater flush tank and seating bowl and the bottom half is the waste tank. The bowl is cleaned effectively with a freshwater flush. There are contemporary models which include toilet paper and hand sanitizer dispensers. Some are also equipped with a sink station that has a foot pump to dispense water for hand washing. Another common type of toilet to rent is the portable toilets on trailers popularly called “toilet trailer”. The trailers are with single or double units and carry hand washing facilities. They are most often rented for use on agricultural farms or at road construction sites. Reasons to rent portable toilets are endless.

Looking to rent a portable toilet in Taylor, TX? Wait no longer to contact us at (512) 309-4609.