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When are Lift Kit Rentals Necessary?

June 27, 2014

When are Lift Kit Rentals Necessary?

Lift KitsSometimes people rent portable restrooms without ordering the lift kits that often accompany them. There are times when this is perfectly acceptable and there are other times when it is virtually impossible to place the portable restroom in the correct position without a lift kit. This makes it necessary for people who are renting them to know when a lift kit is necessary and when it will not be needed.

The first thing that is necessary is for people to understand exactly what lift kits are. These are the kits that allow portable restrooms to be moved to areas that are elevated. The most typical use is when a high-rise building is being constructed. The lift kits are connected to the portable restroom and then in turn connected to a crane and the entire assembly is lifted up to the desired level. This allows the portable restrooms be moved safely and securely even at great heights. Some other uses where lift kits are used include areas where the terrain is difficult for the portable restroom to be moved into the proper location in any other fashion. If the crane can be moved close to the area, it can then perform essentially the same function as it would if the portable restroom were going into a high-rise building.

However, lift kits are typically not needed when portable restrooms are being placed in areas where the ground is perfectly level and there is no problem getting access to the location. In these cases, a delivery truck can usually access the location directly and simply drop off the portable restrooms in the location that is desired without the need for a lift kit.

The most important thing to remember is that if the portable restroom has to be lifted for any reason, a lift kit is then necessary. Due to the sheer size and weight of a portable restroom, it is virtually impossible to lift it without the use of a lift kit and it is certainly not possible to do so safely. Therefore, the kits should always be used when a portable structure needs to be lifted off of the ground for any reason whatsoever.

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