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What Rental Guidelines Should You Follow for the Winter Season?

January 27, 2017

What Rental Guidelines Should You Follow for the Winter Season?


There are lots of factors to consider before you rent a portable toilet, and winter temperatures and conditions only add to the list of things you have to think about. Along with figuring out the best size toilet for your needs, you also have to consider things like where to put the toilet and how to protect it—and users—from the elements.

Luckily, there are some basic winter guidelines you can follow if you do have to rent a portable toilet in colder weather, and here are a few straightforward recommendations to help you make decisions. 

Finding the Right Location

In winter, picking the right location for a portable toilet is all about accessibility. First of all, you should scout a spot that’s close to a paved and maintained road that’s plowed often, because you don’t want people trudging through a field of snow or mud to use the toilet. However, don’t put the toilet too close to a plow route, or you’ll have to shovel out regularly. Similarly, to prevent slips and falls, make sure the area around the toilet is cleared and salted to stop ice from forming.

Keeping warm: Whenever possible, place portable toilets in areas that get plenty of sun in the winter. Here in Texas that won’t matter, but in sub-zero temperatures, using an outdoor toilet can be quite unpleasant, but a little solar heat can make a world of difference.

Providing Shelter from the Wind and Elements

temperatures-can-affect-your-portable-toilet_360Winter winds can be both unpleasant to deal with and damaging to a portable toilet, because wind, snowdrifts, and blowing ice can cause freezing, cracking, and unnecessary wear. In fact, strong enough winds could even topple a toilet, so it’s very important to consider wind when planning your restroom area. When you’re choosing a location for the toilet, pick somewhere that will provide shelter from wind, such as:

  • Beside a wall or building
  • In front of a fence or windbreak
  • Behind a wall
  • Beside a natural barrier like a mountain or tree wall

Size Considerations

The size of your toilet is something you have to consider in every season, but winter adds a whole new set of challenges. The main thing to consider is that many people are wearing more layers and bulkier clothes in the winter, and having extra space to move around is always beneficial. Some of the largest portable toilets available are ones that are designed for wheelchair accessibility, and these are a good option for winter restroom solutions.

Not only do they accommodate guests in wheelchairs, but they also provide all guests with more room to maneuver. Another option to consider in winter is the luxury restroom trailer, which provides more space and more extravagance than any other portable toilet option.

Wintertime can pose a few challenges when you’re planning portable toilets, but Honeybucket is here to help. Call us today at 512-309-4609 to discuss options, to find out more about winter rental guidelines, or to talk about sizing and location issues for your restrooms.