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What do I need to know about portable toilets?

February 21, 2014

Things To Consider Before Renting Portable Toilets


Contractors can cause a number of problems when they come to fix a home. A home owner can limit those problems by taking a number of basic steps to head off any number of potential problems. One of those ways is to rent a portable toilet, but there are some items that need to be considered.

A home owner is usually worried about theft when it comes to letting a number of people into his home, and the easiest way to limit theft is to limit the access of other people. One of the ways a home owner can limit access to his home is to rent a portable toilet. The other advantage is that it limits the mess of that contractors cause to the immediate area being fixed as they are not tracking all of that dirt into otherwise clean areas. By renting a portable toilet for the contractor’s crew a lot of mess and worry can be prevented before it is even a major concern.

However, there are some details that need to be worked out ahead of time. Obviously the limits of where the contractor and his crew can go and cannot go will be part of that, as well as which facilities they can use. A portable toilet should be part of that, but it needs to maintained. It needs to be noted that although the rental company will maintain the toilets, the home owner will need one portable toilet per five workers; any fewer toilets than that and there will be cleanliness issues. It may seem a little extravagant but it will be worth it.

There is also the issue of placing the portable toilets. The ideal placement is close to the place where the work is being done, away from any entrances, and out of sight from the road. A visible portable toilet may encourage use from others such as homeless and other potential trespassers while the other two are a matter of convenience. By placing the toilet correctly and making sure that there are enough of them a home owner solves a number of problems making sure that the job itself goes smoothly. Making things easier for all involved makes things go easier all around, making the rental of a portable toilet well worth it.

Do you need to rent portable bathrooms in the Taylor, TX area? Call Honeybucket  at (512) 309-4609 and get started today!