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What are wheel chair accessible portable bathrooms?

November 15, 2013

Advantages of Renting Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restrooms


If you are looking to have a big party or event outside, you will want to look into getting a portable restroom for your guests. Unless, you want people in and out of your home tracking dirt, mud and shoe markings all over your clean floors just to use the restroom. You will need to figure out and plan who is going to attend your event first.

Is anyone in a wheelchair or have handicap tags on their cars? Is there anyone with small children who are in the potty training process? Is there any big families with smaller children? If so, you will probably want to look into renting a wheelchair accessible portable restroom. There are many advantages to getting a wheelchair accessible potty instead of just the regular smaller ones. 

One of the advantages to this is the spacious room on the inside. It is more like an indoors bathroom and more comfortable. If someone you are inviting to your event is in a wheelchair they will be able to get up the ramp and into the potty with ease. Also their wheelchair can sit in there with them and they won’t need assistance with anything if they need to go. 

If you have invited a family with smaller children, a lot of times the little ones do not like to go in by themselves. They like their parents to accompany them and help, portable restrooms can be scary to children. So with the potty being a little bit larger in size makes it easier for the parents to be in there without it being crowded.

Also, when you have elders at your party it makes it easier to move in the portable bathrooms. It is a lot safer for them to move around without slipping and falling, or anybody for that matter. It is of importance to think about the safety and comfort ability for your guests when planning big event like this. You want them to know you were personally thinking of them when you rented the wheelchair accessible portable bathrooms.

Do you need to rent wheelchair accessible portable potties for your next event in Taylor, TX?  Contact Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today!