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What are the laws on porta-potties for job sites?

July 18, 2014

Laws on Porta-Potties for Job Sites

Thorndale Port a JohnA portable toilet on the job site is a way for the employees to have access to facilities where in many cases none exist. There are strict regulations in place however with the placement of portable toilets on the property. These regulations are implemented by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, and help with safety and health concerns for outdoor workers.

OSHA has very specific guidelines that they have created when it comes to porta-potties. They are designed to give workers a healthy and sanitary place that they can use the facilities. OSHA strictly enforces these laws and makes certain each job site has these clearly defined laws in place before the units are installed. Here are the laws concerning having a porta-potty on the job site.

1. The porta-potties must be available to all workers, the number present on the job site is based on number of employees on the site.
2. Each porta-potty must have doors that close and are high enough that the occupant has privacy.
3. For men and women on the job, there must be an equal number of porta-potties.
4. The water that is used for the waste inside the porta-potty must be separate from any other water on the job site.
5. The inside of the porta-potty must be kept hygienic and clean. Toilet paper must be available at all times in each unit.
6. The porta-potty must have water for washing hands as well as soap to avoid any health problems.
7. The door of the porta-potty must lock from the inside. The unit must have adequate ventilation for the employees. There must be easy vehicular access to the porta-potty.

In addition to the standard job site porta-potty, there are many different types of facilities available for employees based on the work related to that job site. The standard one person portable toilet is the most common units rented, however many companies are making use of the mobile toilet trailers that come with multiple toilets and sinks to handle several workers at the same time. These units are usually equipped with running water, soap, and paper towels.

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