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Top 3 Reasons to rent portable hand sanitizers

May 7, 2021
Hand Sanitizer Station

If you have an upcoming, indoor or outdoor, event you may want to consider renting portable hand sanitizing stations. These stations offer a convenient way for people to wash their hands without soap and water. Hand sanitizer is known to kill 99.9% of germs.

First of all, these stations offer a quick and easy way to cleanse your hands. They are very helpful for large crowds of people as it only takes a few seconds to the liquid to dispense. They are also great for small groups of people that may need to wash their hands several times. For instance, if you have a small petting zoo, you would be able to place a station at the entrance and the exit for each animal. Not only are these stations a fast way for people to wash their hands, they leave no mess to be cleaned up.

Two Station Wave

Secondly, the stations are sturdy, yet portable. The stations can be easily moved to fit your needs. If you are having a family reunion or an outdoor party you can place a station at each table. They are small, however are noticeable enough that people can easily find them. Having portable hand sanitizing stations will decrease the amount of germs and illnesses being spread. As the event progresses and less stations are needed you can easily move them out of the way.

Lastly, portable hand sanitizing stations are cost efficient. Compared to the costs of renting sinks, buying soap and paper towels, portable hand sanitizing stations will cost you less money. It is also more cost effective than supplying small bottles of hand sanitizer. Not only are portable hand sanitizing stations cost effective, they are better for the environment. You do not have any paper towels or small plastic bottles to dispose of. Also, using these portable stations will leave you with no waste to pick up from missed paper towels put in the garbage can or small bottles being left around.

Portable hand sanitizing stations have many benefits for you including being time efficient, easily moved for you convenience and an affordable option. These stations are also better for the environment and are a no mess solution for killing germs.

Do you need to rent portable hand sanitizers? Call us at 833-722-2777 and get started today!