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Top 3 Reasons to Rent a Potty

March 27, 2015

Top Three Reasons To Rent a Potty


Taylor Portable ToiletsEvent planners regularly hire caterers, book entertainment and rent marquees. Smart ones also enlist the aid of rental potty companies. The food may be delicious and the location, beautiful, but inadequate restroom facilities can mar an otherwise perfect day. Every occasion’s success depends on the guests’ comfort and contentment. Incorporating a rental potty company to serve your event can be the linchpin to success.

Superior Luxury Options

Modern rental potties are far superior to any portable amenities obtainable even a few years ago. While standard versions are still readily available, luxury units come with flushable toilets, sinks with running water, vanities and mirrors. Scaling options are amazing, ranging from single-occupant models to restroom trailers, all fully stocked. Larger versions offer multiple stalls, heating or air conditioning, lounge areas and even beautifully styled interiors. Guests would never guess they were using a rentable portable facility.

Endless Choices of Venue

More and more, event planners want remarkable destinations to bolster an occasion’s exclusive cachet. Unfortunately, many sites have insufficient or nonexistent facilities to handle the number of attendees. Renting a potty allows large events, such as weddings or corporate get-togethers, to be successful at any location. Self-contained and environmentally sensitive, attractive units can serve wherever needed. If transportation can reach the spot, so can a potty. Even for locations requiring a permanent amenity that allows ground to remain undisturbed (such as parks), a rental potty can serve beautifully.

Economical, Sanitary and Secure

With the potty company managing installation, supplies, maintenance and removal, renting is the most economical, sanitary and secure option. The company delivers, maintains and removes the potty at agreed-upon times, providing all supplies.

Having attractive facilities adequate to properly serve the number of guests prevents overflows, closed restrooms (worse) or (the worst) unhygienic dashes into the woods. Too, corporations or homeowners holding outdoor events often cannot allow casual restroom traffic access to their building or house for basic security reasons.Taylor Portable Toilet Rental

Renting sufficient, easily accessible, clean restrooms prevents roamers. It is also far more economical than repairing clogged plumbing, replacing irreparably damaged heirlooms, or protecting proprietary information. In a green-wise world, choosing to rent eco-friendly portable facilities is an environmentally sound practice. Hosts and attendees can relax in style conscience-free. With endless options and streamlined service, portable restroom facilities guarantee hosts and guests full enjoyment of any occasion in any locale.

For exceptional potties in the Taylor area call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609.