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Tips & Tricks to Survive a Home Renovation

November 18, 2017

Home Remodel

There are many reasons that you may need extra, temporary restroom space in your home, but one of the most common is during home renovations.

Bringing in a porta-potty (or more than one) can help keep your home organized during a period that is usually pretty chaotic. This is even more prevalent if you are living in your home during renovations.

Here are some tips to help take care of your restroom needs, maintain your routine and help you to survive your next home renovation, with your sanity intact.

If You Are Remodeling the Bathroom you Need a Place to go

Porta-pottyIt goes without saying that if it is the bathroom that is the focus of your renovation, you’ll need to make other arrangements for restroom use.

Even if you still have a functioning bathroom (at least you can still shower), you’ll be down at least one toilet, which can be inconvenient, especially if you have a family.

It can be helpful to remodel the bathroom in stages so that it’s not a total pile of rubble and dust for the duration of the job. Barring that, why not bring in a porta potty to give yourself an extra place to go?

You can place the unit in your backyard, depending on the season, or you can even find space for it inside your home. Porta potties are versatile and come in a number of different sizes and configurations, so you can place it wherever you are most comfortable.

When There are Extra People Working in your Home, you may Need an Extra Toilet

Extra Porta-PottyWhen you hire contractors, one of the most important things that you need to settle on (after price and timeline for the project) is restroom use.

Are workers allowed to use your restroom? It may be preferable, for a variety of reasons to give workers their own facilities.

You sacrifice a lot of privacy and the comfort of your routine if you are living onsite during renovations. You’ll feel better if you can retain your restrooms for your own use, and instead, bring in porta potties to accommodate workers.

Keep the Waste in its Place

TrashAnother good reason to bring in porta-potties during your home renovation is that you can keep your waste separate from your living areas.

You may not have properly functioning plumbing for all or part of the duration of your job, but having a porta potty can provide a more sanitary option.