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Time to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Next Event

February 10, 2016

Luxury Portable Restroom Units: Why You Need These for Your Next Outdoor Event

When you are hosting an outdoor event such as a wedding or concert and need toilet facilities, you basically have two choices. You can go with a simple porta potty or you can use luxury portable restroom unit. Though luxury portable restroom trailers will cost you more, there are a number of advantages to them that should convince you to use them for your next Taylor outdoor event.

Taylor, TX | Luxury Porta PottyComfort

There’s really no comparison between a porta potty and a luxury portable restroom unit when it comes to the comfort of your guests. With a luxury portable restroom trailer, you get heating and cooling and running water. That makes it more comfortable for guests. There also is a bit more privacy involved. Luxury portable restroom units usually have multiple private stalls, which gives people the opportunity to use them as changing stations as well as bathrooms. Some high end trailer companies even provide an onsite attendant to service the units and make sure they stay clean and well stocked.

More sanitary

With luxury restroom trailers, you get actual toilets that flush rather than chemical toilets. That along with running water for washing hands makes things a lot more sanitary. You won’t have to worry about the mess and the odor of porta potties.

Better aesthetics

Let’s face it: porta potties are unsightly. They usually come in a garish color and have an industrial look to them, so they stand out at an event. On the other hand, portable luxury restroom trailers have an understated look. They usually are white or some other light color, and they look like any other type of trailer and blend in well with scenery at weddings or other types of parties.


Most portable luxury trailers have multiple units in them, which means one or two of them can easily handle a large Taylor event. This prevents the need to place multiple porta potties at various spots, and it also will help eliminate long lines from forming when lots of people need to use the facilities.
For quality luxury portable restroom trailer rentals in your Taylor, TX home, call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609.