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Things To Know Before Renting Portable Restrooms In Georgetown, TX

July 31, 2013

Types of Portable Restrooms to Know In Georgetown, TX


When you’re having an outdoor event, one of the first things you need to consider are logistics. How are all these people going to eat, drink and use the restroom? The first two questions are usually the easiest to answer, but the third can be a bit more difficult that the others. We’ve all seen the “traditional’ bluish green boxes that dominate the world of portable restrooms in Georgetown, but it’s important to know that there are other options.

The most common type of portable restroom is the type I just described, officially known as the “Cold Wash” portable restroom. Seen all over the place, these are the most common, as well as the most economical portable restrooms to make use of.

A second type of toilet that is used less often is known as a “Hot Wash” portable restroom. These portable toilets, as their name might imply, can provide heated water through the use of a built in power supply. Of course, that wouldn’t really matter that much if the restroom only provided toilet services, but what the hot water is used for makes these restrooms unique among standalone portable toilets – a wash basin that runs completely independently, without any sort of water hookup.

The third type of portable restroom is a bit more advanced than the kinds that you see so often at events, construction sites, and the like. A mains connection toilet requires a direct connection to the local sewer line, and is most often used in a place that needs a semi-permanent restroom solution, such as a long-term construction site where sewage access is readily available and construction is going to continue for an extended amount of time. These restrooms also provide a wash basin much like the hot wash models, except these are of course connected to the main water line on the property.

All of these types of portable restrooms serve a different segment of users, and which one you need to purchase for your particular function very much depends on any number of factors – so make your choice wisely.

Need to rent portable restrooms in Georgetown, TX? Give Honeybucket a call at (512) 309-4609.