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Things to Know About Holding Tanks

May 22, 2013

Holding tanks and you


If you live in a home that is secluded and far away from a populated area, chances are your home has a holding tank. Living in such a remote area has many benefits such as beautiful views, and a natural environment. You are also able to enjoy natural resources such as the wet lands, beaches or mountains. Since these locations usually have thin soil or slopes, it is difficult for the natural soil to dispose of wastewater, avoid water pollution and protect the environment and public health as well.

The holding tank is the answer. It meets the same standards as a septic tank and is watertight. If your home has two to three residents, the holding tank must be 1,500 gallons in the least. This tank will need pumping each week.

The holding tank has to have an audible and visual alarm that will alert you when it reaches 75% full. This will stop the tank from backup or overflow. The best location for the tank is near a driveway. This way a truck could easily be brought in to pump it out. Always use a heavy lid with a lock to protect it from children.

The tank area has to be drained, the tank anchored or part of the liquid pumped from the tank to avoid flotation. This could happen is the holding tank is in wet areas. If an empty tank shifts or floats out of the ground, the sewer pipe may break.

Pumping holding tanks on a regular basis could be costly. Since the tank with wastewater needs to be transported to a treatment plant to dispose of safely, the longer the distance, the more it will cost. That is why it is very important to conserve water as much as possible. A low water use system can also be costly, however, in the long run it will pay for itself by avoiding too many trips to the treatment plant when hauling the holding tank.

The holding tank is an alternative to a septic system and can be a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of wastewater. If you are looking for a reliable holding tank for your portable toilet, contact Honeybucket by dialing (512) 309-4609 today!