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Things To Consider Before Renting Port a Johns

September 6, 2013

Need to rent port a johns?


There are actually a surprisingly large amount of things to consider before you settle on renting port a johns. These can be very useful pieces of equipment that can help keep camping trips or events going. Some people might find them unpleasant, but they do actually serve a very vital role. If you haven’t ever rented one before, you might be wondering what you should look to find. There are many companies out there who will be able to give you the port a john that you need to get. Talk to them to see what kind of restroom may best suit the needs of your event.

The first thing to decide will simply be the amount of people that may need to use these port a johns. If you are renting them for large scale events, you may need to count on a lot of people using them. Try to get large sized port a johns that have a large storage tank affixed to them. This will help make sure that these rented units stay functional for as long as possible during the event. You may need to find several of them to handle the amount of people there.

You may also want to think about hiring a team that can remove some of the waste from these port a johns. This can be an important step, because many people might underestimate how much waste is generated. Having a team on hand to remove the waste will keep these restrooms staying functional. Try to coordinate with the waste removal team to make sure that your port a johns are staying well maintained.

Finally, some people may be curious about the smaller sized port a johns that are out on the market. These are models that will be best suited for families or small groups that may want to go camping. This can provide a convenient way to store waste when you may be out in the middle of nowhere. Try to find one that will be able to handle the waste that your family might generate. You won’t want to be left without the right port a john.

Looking to rent port a johns for your next event in Taylor, TX?  Contact Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today!