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The Importance of Sanitation Within Your Portable Rentals!

October 24, 2014

How Do You Cut Down on the Odors and Germs Within the Portable Unit? 

Taylor Portable UnitMost portable units have an infamous reputation because they are not often the cleanest and often carry many odors and germs. There are ways to cut down on the odors and germs however, it just takes a little bit of patience and team work on everyone’s part who is using the portable unit at that time.

What To Do?

To start out, sanitizing the portable unit diligently is one main factor in cutting down on germs. It is imperative to have cleaning tools such as deodorizers, gloves, soap and water so that you can you can complete the task at hand. Clean big and small areas of the unit removing dust and residue that may have been missed after the previous cleaning. Thoroughly wipe down surfaces where people may need to sit and consider adding detergent into the toilet or sinks where they may apply. If this is not done frequently enough, it is possible that illnesses will occur and cause disease to spread at a rapid pace.

Why Is This Important?

After ensuring the portable unit is sanitized, it would not be a bad idea to provide hand sanitizing gels for the visitors to use. This is important because it limits the amount of germs spreading by many people touching the same thing at different times. Depending on the type of event, there could be a family function where a lot of food is involved. Having access to hand sanitizer or soap in general would make a huge difference because the food people touch and consume will remain fresh, and will cut back on a number of unwanted illnesses. Keep in mind, children could be present and they could be prone to getting sick more quickly, so it is important to reinforce the importance of hygiene.

Sanitation Portable UnitTo top it all off, inserting an air freshener will make the portable unit smell brand new and unused again. There should no longer be any existing odors and the unit should feel cleaner. Do not make the mistake in trying to mask odors by adding air fresheners, but not actually cleaning the unit. That would defeat the entire purpose. It is important to eliminate all germs and odors so that the health of others is not affected.

So there you have it, cutting down on germs and odors is not a hard task to accomplish. It just takes a little patience. Remember how important your health is you will never sell yourself short.

Looking to rent a portable unit in your Taylor community? Call Honeybucket today at (512) 309-4609 for guaranteed reliable services.