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The Benefits of Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Portable Bathroom

May 27, 2016

The Benefits of Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Portable Bathroom

Attending a beautiful outdoor wedding, or hosting one yourself, is an excellent idea that introduces people to the envelopment and tranquility of nature. Guests are mingling with one another on the veranda, and children are rolling on the green grass. Others are enjoying the food and beverages that are set up across the sprawling lawn.

handicap-accessibilityHowever, when the time comes to use the bathroom, problems may emerge. Some people struggle to use portable bathrooms to begin with, and when they are not wheelchair user accessible, even greater issues can arise.

Guests who need a wheelchair user accessible bathroom might feel embarrassed at parties if one is not provided. They will need to ask the host to use the indoor restroom, and if that is impossible, they might have to leave the party every time they need to use the facilities.

Leaving guests in this situation, no matter what type of party you are having, is rude and shows poor skills as a host. Instead of allowing your guests to feel this level of discomfort, you should rent a wheelchair user accessible portable bathroom. This idea is a wise one for a host of reasons.

Convenience for Everyone

Going to the bathroom is something that all people have to do, and if you’re asking your guests to avoid doing so because you don’t have proper bathrooms, then you are not a considerate host. Also, individuals who are in wheelchairs may also have to travel a great distance to get to the indoor bathroom. Instead of asking them to exert extra effort, simply set up a wheelchair user accessible bathroom.

Comfort of the Unit

When you force your guests to find alternatives to using a traditional bathroom, you are also making them feel uncomfortable. They may feel awkward asking you to use the inside facilities consistently, or they might not want to leave the party more than once to go to the bathroom somewhere else. In fact, to avoid using the restroom, they may barely have any food or beverages at your party. Then, they are not getting to enjoy the party.

Happy Guests All Around

Just thinking about having to figure out other alternatives to using the bathroom can make people feel hostile. In fact, they may have a very negative perception of your event and you as a host after going through this experience. You want your guests to be happy; they are there to celebrate for you. If getting a wheelchair user accessible bathroom is what it takes, then that is what you should do.

wheelchair-accessibilityAnxiety and Fear

Perhaps some of your guests in wheelchairs could use the regular portable bathroom if they had too; however, doing so can cause them to feel lots of trepidation. A wheelchair user accessible bathroom provides much more space than does a regular one.

In the latter, individuals might become nervous or afraid that they will not have the ability to access help if they need it. They could take a fall in the bathroom and seriously hurt themselves. They may feel embarrassed and ashamed if someone has to help them out of the bathroom and want to leave the party immediately right after the incident.

Other Guests

Your guests who are in wheelchairs will likely want to use these larger spaces, but some of your other guests will probably want to do so as well. Consider parents who are at the party with small children. When you just have regular portable bathrooms, you are asking the parents to fit both themselves and their young children into a tiny space.

Instead of allowing for this situation to occur, they can use the wheelchair user accessible bathroom too. Also, larger guests will likely feel more comfortable using this bathroom.

Unpredictable Nature of Accidents

Perhaps you are going through your guest list right now, and you realize that no one on it needs a wheelchair accessible bathroom. Therefore, you have decided to forgo this feature. However, just because no one is in need of that bathroom right now doesn’t mean things couldn’t change before the time of your party. People’s health conditions might decline, or they may experience involvement in serious accidents.

You cannot assume that everything is just going to remain the same until the date of your party. Instead of taking a gamble, you should rent a bathroom that is suitable for all people. Chances are, even if no one is in a wheelchair when you have your party, people will use that bathroom for more space.

Extra Bathrooms

wheelchair-dependence-accessibilityYou have probably been at parties where you needed to wait in line to go to the bathroom. As you were standing there, you probably wished that the house or facility had another bathroom. When you opt to add this type of bathroom to your celebration, you are creating more spaces for people to go. That way, your guests do not have to spend a tremendous amount of time only waiting to get into the bathroom.

Also, this type of bathroom can be a good idea even if you are allowing people to use the indoor bathroom and not having any other types of portable bathrooms. Individuals who are physically challenged may have greater difficulty moving from the outdoor space to the indoor space.

When you place a portable bathroom outside, you are giving them the chance to shorten the trip to the bathroom, but they can still go indoors if they wish. If you choose this plan, make sure that people know they are welcome to use both the indoor and outdoor facilities.

Renting a wheelchair user accessible bathroom is a smart decision for some reasons, and doing so shows your guests that you care about them and their needs.

People can feel comfortable and assured when they come to your house for parties in the future, and they will enjoy this one in the present too. When you want to rent this type of portable bathroom, give Honeybucket in Taylor, TX a call at company (512) 309-4609.