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About Us

Take These Steps to Go Green

April 21, 2017

Take These Steps to Go Green

April 22 is Earth Day, and now that spring is officially here; we will be actively involved in doing our part for the environment by providing our porta potties for special events.

Porta Potties Are Environmentally Friendly

Our Honey Pot solutions provide expert sanitation for any size event. We have a range of styles to accommodate your outdoor theme. They are economical and make waste management simple. The porta potty is a resource that any community event, charity function, corporate event, or neighborhood themed events should not be without. Here’s why:

  • save-water_480A portable toilet uses 90% less water than a conventional toilet
  • The potty units are cleaned and sanitized with environmentally friendly products
  • Environmentally friendly enzymes are used to break down the waste
  • Portable sanitation can make or break the success of your event
  • An event without portable toilets can be disrupted by Health and Safety personnel

We also provide porta potties for industrial sites, campgrounds, and any public or private function that requires safe, sanitization.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products in our Honey Pots. The foul smells that can accumulate are due to natural bacteria imbalance. It is important to use the proper components of good bacteria in relation to the capacity of the potty to achieve optimal performance and a fresh smelling environment.

The products we use are eco-friendly and break down the waste and odor efficiently. In any biological waste treatment system, the contents of the holding tank should be safe and environmentally friendly.

Our Honey Pots are safe, non-toxic, and provide a fresh scented sanitary space for all your guests. All products utilized are green – from preparation to cleaning and sanitizing and servicing after the event.

Porta Potties for Environmentally Conscious Events

Portable sanitation will be a major concern on Earth Day. For any environmentally conscious public or private event, the green benefits for choosing portable toilet sanitation outweighs any misconception because the technology now offers a range of environmentally safe and sustainable rentals.

Certified green, our Honey Pots ensure your guests not only the convenience of restroom requirements but also help in the green initiative to protect the environment while ensuring a minimal impact on our green earth.

Honeybucket will tailor your event and relieve your stress about sanitation.

Call us in Taylor, TX today at (512) 309-4609 to help your cause!