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Portable restroom in  snowRegardless of the weather, people still need to use the restroom. There are many people who enjoy the cold and having a porta potty can be especially useful during winter construction, winter sports, and even camping in the winter weather. Honey Bucket is here all year long to help so as the winter season rapidly approaches, these quick and easy tips can help keep your portable restroom a little more bearable during these chilly winter months.

Location, Location, Location.

When it comes to placing your portable restroom in the right spot there are a few important factors to consider. Portable restrooms should be easily accessible, preferably close to a road or paved area. Be sure to salt around the restroom to prevent accidents and to help keep the restroom from freezing to the ground. Keep them away from areas that may be plowed in and away from muddy areas where service vehicles may get stuck. Our Honey Bucket professionals recommend placing the portable restroom in a spot clear of snowdrifts so the unit avoids damage and remains serviceable.

A Little Extra TLC.

The winter months often require more frequent servicing, especially during extra-cold weather. A tank is not near as likely to freeze if it’s properly serviced. Weekly service will ensure winterization procedures are effectively maintained and the restroom itself will be cleaner. With a little TLC your portable restroom will continue to provide construction workers and/or event patrons with a convenient and worry-free restroom no matter the season.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine.

If your jobsite has a large garage or an enclosed shelter nearby, you may want to consider bringing your restroom indoors (keeping in mind the restrooms venting). If not, placing your portable restroom in a sunny spot may be the next best thing. It’s amazing what a little solar warming can do. When an indoor location is not available, the sunshine can warm the outer walls of your restroom, which can radiate heat inside of the restroom unit.

Keep It From Blowin’ In The Wind.

Winter wind chills can be downright paralyzing. To combat this, Honey Bucket recommends placing your restroom on the side of a building, fence, wall, or other structure to help act as a barrier and shield the unit from bitter winds. Be mindful that strong winds can easily blow portable restrooms over – creating an unexpected and messy dilemma for both you and your guests.

Room for Space.

Our luxury restroom trailers are very spacious – allowing guests of all sizes to use them. This is great during the winter months when everyone is wearing extra winter gear like bulky sweatshirts, jackets, vests, and scarves. Your guests will be able to use these spacious luxury restrooms and appreciate the extra space to do so comfortably.
At Honey Bucket, our employees work hard year-round to ensure a positive experience for all of our customers. Our customer service professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have about portable restroom rentals or cold weather operation. Please contact us at (800) 444-2371 or online here. Honey Bucket wishes you a safe winter and hopes you stay warm!

What guidelines are there for the winter season?

January 6, 2016

Regardless of the weather, people still need to use the restroom. There are many people who enjoy the cold and having a porta potty can be especially useful during… Read More