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Honey Bucket has the finest quality restrooms and we continually add new equipment to our extensive inventory. We have a variety of sizes, configurations, and other options to fit your every need. With so many choices, many of our customers wonder if they should go with a porta potty rental or a restroom trailer rental.
First, it is important to understand the difference between portable restrooms and comfort station trailers. They serve the same function, but in slightly different ways.

  • porta-potties2Portable restrooms, also referred to as portable toilets or porta potties, are typically single, standalone units that come in a range of styles. They can easily be customized and range from the basics to larger and more luxurious units. Each portable toilet comes standard with hand sanitizer, but you can also order sinks to be placed outside the restrooms if you need hand washing stations as well. Learn more about the available options here.
  • trailer2A comfort station trailer, also referred to as a restroom trailer or luxury trailer, is a stand-alone trailer unit that also comes in a range of styles. They usually have their own entrance and exit, and contain individual restroom stalls. They are commonly rented for weddings, black tie events, and other fancy occasions. Learn more about the options available here.

How do you know what’s best for your event?

Below are some factors to consider when trying to figure out whether a porta potty or a restroom trailer is best for your event.

  • Capacity. Consider how many people you expect at your event. If you are expecting large crowds, porta potties are versatile enough that several can be placed side by side in a row to accommodate larger events such as outdoor concerts and sporting events.
  • Interior Space. Restroom trailers are more spacious, providing a place for guests to change and get ready. This extra room is great for weddings and events like marathons where participants may need to get changed or clean up afterwards.
  • Location. If you are working in an area that doesn’t have a lot of extra space for a full-sized trailer, you may want to consider a porta potty option. Units are smaller in size and can be discretely placed in smaller spaces.
  • Watch the Weather. Restroom trailers have climate control with both heat and A/C, which depending on the time of year, can make it more comfortable for you and your guests.
  • Consider your Budget. Porta potties tend to be more cost effective while restroom trailers provide a more luxurious experience. Prices vary so check with your Honey Bucket Event Coordinator or fill out our online form to request more information.
  • Extras. Restroom trailers usually feature indoor lighting and sinks with running water. Other options include stereo/CD player, interior lighting, and mirrors. Our luxury trailers require power and water hook ups, but we also offer smaller self-contained trailers that are solar powered and feature built in fresh water tanks. If you need something that will make guests feel special, luxury restroom trailers are the way to go!

Whether you decide to rent a portable restroom or a comfort station trailer, Honey Bucket is ready to serve your event. We service Washington, Utah, Oregon, and California. We take pride in providing the best in customer service and the finest restroom facilities. Call us today at (800) 444-2371 and we will find a unit to match your needs!

Porta Potty vs. Restroom Trailer: How to Choose What Is Right for You

May 7, 2018

Honey Bucket has the finest quality restrooms and we continually add new equipment to our extensive inventory. We have a variety of sizes, configurations, and other options to fit… Read More