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Route Drivers

Sure, it’s a dirty job. Yes, it is indeed pumping poo, and yes, your friends and family will make puns at your expense.

BUT—here are 10 reasons you WANT to work for Honey Bucket:

1. Culture– Extremely unique, and incredibly diverse. It is likely that at some point you will be scrubbing buckets alongside the HR recruiter, the President, or even the OWNER! We all work hard and help out as needed – regardless of job title.

2. Stability– As long as people are eating, they will need us. Plain and simple.

3. Pay– What’s that smell? Oh yeah, that’s the smell of money. Here at Northwest Cascade, we take care of our people. This means a fair, honest-to-goodness living wage. With overtime opportunities like crazy, you could be bringing home some serious cash. Those friends and family members who make the poo jokes will soon be asking for a job!

4. Benefits– Full medical, dental, and vision coverage for not only you, but your spouse and dependents as well. That means no contribution made by you on a monthly basis. And after a year, we will add in paid vacation and a pension. Pretty great, right?

5. Fair– We believe in integrity – both in business and our personal lives. We do what we say, and say what we do. Do you?

6. Fun– Who said poop can’t be fun? You are working with a bunch of great people with varying personalities, though there always seems to be more than one funny character in the room. Remember, if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

7. It doesn’t smell THAT bad.

8. Growth– We are currently in 4 states and growing. It is a great time to join the Honey Bucket team if you want more than just a job. We offer careers.

9. Family– Our drivers work long hours, but stay local. You will  sleep in your own bed every night.

10. Perks– Wherever you go, you have a toilet to use. We are not just party poopers—we like to be where the party is at! We service all the toilets at the Gorge Amphitheater, many summer concert festivals in multiple states, sports venues, street fairs, and parades.

If you would like any additional employment information, please visit our careers page at to view current job openings and fill out an online application.

Author: Katie Colito – Send any questions to!


Our Corporate Recruiter (and blog author) getting her hands dirty!

10 Reasons You Want to Work for Honey Bucket

July 23, 2013

Sure, it’s a dirty job. Yes, it is indeed pumping poo, and yes, your friends and family will make puns at your expense. BUT—here are 10 reasons… Read More