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Surprisingly Beautiful Toilet Decorating Ideas

December 20, 2018

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor party you know how beautiful the combination can be. With some attractive lighting, centerpieces, and more – you’re transported to an oasis; that is until you get to the porta potty. In a vast majority of cases, part planners spend so much time decorating their venue, they forget about another highly-used are during any party, the bathroom.

After spending so much time in the magical outdoors, finding yourself in the stark pale colored plastic interior of a portable toilet can be a shocker. If you don’t want that experience for your guests, then consider spending some time on your porta potty decorations.

Interior Decoration, But For Toilets!

interiordecoratingYou spend plenty of time decorating your home, and as long as you use that same creativity in your porta potty, you’ll be golden. Some easy decorations can include:

  • Frames: It may seem like a strange idea to put frames in your portable toilet, but even that simple addition can elevate your look. Best of all, frames can easily be found for cheap at your local box store and often can even be reused in your own home – a win-win.
  • Flowers and Plants: Not only will the flowers help liven up the space, but they can also help with odor too. Whether you get sunflowers for a lively pop of color or some roses for an elegant look, flowers can keep things classy in your toilet.
  • Refreshing Station: Your parties porta potty can be the perfect place to freshen up as well. Be sure to drop in a care basket with lotions, perfumes, and even moist toilets so people can freshen up – it’ll elevate your toilet and create a memorable experience.

With some simple porta potty decorations, you can really liven up any space and create a perfect area for your guests to relax and refresh before hitting the dance floor once again.

Personalize The Space With Your Theme

personalizeIf you’re having trouble figuring out what to use to decorate your porta potty, look to your part for inspiration. The theme of your party can be the easiest way to decorate.

Got a masquerade party? Add some drapery in the porta potty. Celebrating a spring birthday? Be sure to put plenty of flowers in the porta potty as decoration.

By personalizing your portable toilet, it becomes an extension of the part itself. This is often a good idea, as a portable toilet can sometimes be a jarring addition to the party.

Another good idea is to decorate the exterior and surrounding areas as well. This can

go a long way to hide the toilet and give guests a fun area to enter.

Wedding Decorations Work Too!


When your guests get that invite for an outdoor wedding – one of their first thoughts may be “oh no what about the toilet.” The reasoning? Chances are they’ve had a bad experience with a porta potty.

So how can you help? With some porta potty decorations, you can have a beautiful addition to your wedding, that’ll also help you guests overcome their hangups as well.

If you’re still not sure how to decorate your portable toilet, be sure to do your research for some inspiration. With a little theming, you won’t have to worry about what your guests will think about using a portable toilet.

And be sure to work with your renter as well. At Honeybucket we always do our best to help our customers integrate their portable toilet needs into a fun and clean party experience.