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Summer Party Checklist

June 12, 2015

Taylor Portable RestroomsPlanning the Perfect Summer Event

10 Steps to an Ideal Summer Party

Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor celebration. Certainly, planning a summer party or any type of summer event takes plenty of planning for success. A lot of summer events are less than perfect because the party planner only looked at the big picture.

It is important to take care of the little details to make the party a really big and successful event. Here are a 10 steps to follow to plan an ideal summer party for kids to adults.

1. Select A Budget – How much are you able to spend on the special event or summer party. This will help to define the party limits and party theme choices.

2. Select a Date – Selecting a date is also very important. Here is an idea. Select the date and make sure that the weather will agree with the party. It might be a good idea to change the date, if the weather is miserable.

3. Select a Location – Select the outside venue for the event or party. For example, will it be a backyard affair. A party in a theme park. A special event held at a country estate or a local neighborhood park. Make sure the place is available on the date planned.

4. Select Party Theme – The fun part is selecting a party theme. For example, a Hawaiian theme or Beach theme party.

5. Entertainment/Activities – Make sure that you plan the type of activities or entertainment that would be appreciated by the guest attending the party. For example, a beach themed party might have a DJ that plays beach party music.

6. Food Planning – Keep the food menu basic and planned around the party theme. For example, a beach themed party might have a beach barbecue themed menu.

7. Party Invitations – Plan the party invitations and send them out promptly. Make sure to provide enough time for the guest to RSVP.

8. Make sure Facilities are Ready!

Taylor Party Planning This is the most overlooked aspect of party planning. 100 guests can’t share a single restroom, especially if there will be food and drinks around. For an outdoor event or a long guest list, it’s best to have some portable potties to help take the load off your indoor plumbing.

9. Clean – Even if the event is taking place outside, makes sure that the area is clean and safe for the guest.

10. Rain Date – Set an alternate or rain date for the party, if the weather turns cloudy and rainy. Of course, you could also make plans for moving the party to another site, if it rains.

The perfect summer party starts with you! Don’t forget to plan for a few portable toilets! Call Honeybucket at(512) 309-4609 for your rental needs.