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Stop the Spread of Disease With These Spotless Potty Tips

November 27, 2015

Sanitizing Your Portable Potty: Tips for Keeping Your Portable Toilet Clean and Sanitary

Renting a portable potty for a long stretch requires some care and maintenance on the part of the user, and you must be prepared to care for the unit in the right way. Portable potties are only as good as the cleaning agents used inside them, and you must take each of these cleaning tips as gospel if you want to keep your Taylor potty clean. You are not providing anyone a service if the potty is not clean every time someone uses it.

Taylor, TX Portable Toilet Rental#1: Keep A Cleaning Tablet Inside The Potty

A cleaning tablet is a common site in bathrooms around America, but a cleaning tablet is most useful in a portable potty that people use every day. You must drop the cleaning tablet in once a month, and you need to leave it alone. The cleaning tablet will help keep the potty as clean as possible, and the tablet will provide a neutral odor for the unit.

#2: Keep The Air Freshener In Good Condition

The air freshener in your portable potty must be strong at all times. You do not know how strong the odor inside the potty can get, and it is wise for you to keep an air freshener in the unit that will prevent the smell from getting offensive to any of your guests. The best air fresheners stick to the wall, and they are available when you rent the potty. Your guests will appreciate the nice smell in the potty, and you will avoid uncomfortable conversations about the smell inside the potty.

#3: Do Not Keep It Closed All The Time

Opening the door on the potty will allow the unit to air out every day, and you must do so for the sake of your guests. The smell inside a portable potty can be very strong, and even an air freshener needs to be aired out once a day for everyone’s sake. Opening the door for at least half an hour to air out the unit will help prevent guests from being overwhelmed by a smell that has built up for days or even weeks.

The portable potty you rent can help you care for all the guests on your property during a large event, but your portable potty is of no help to you if it is not clean. Take these simple cleaning tips to heart to prevent upsetting your Taylor customers with a poor smell.

Call Amanda Honeypots at (512) 309-4609 for portable potty solutions in Taylor,TX!