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Spring Events That Call for Potties

April 16, 2015

5 Events That Need Portable Potties


Taylor Portable UnitPortable Potties

We’ve all seen portable potties at construction sites. However, construction sites aren’t the only places that need portable potties. Portable toilets (porta-potties or portable potties in the U. S., Portaloos® in the U.K.) have several advantages. They’re self-contained. They can go almost anywhere.

They’re cheaper to rent than hiring a cleaning crew once a week for permanent bathrooms. The company that owns the portable potty, not the person or event renting it, is responsible for cleaning and deodorizing. Portable potties can be rented for only as long as they’re needed, and then returned.

They can be used for advertising: portable potties can be wrapped with vinyl material with advertising logos or slogans similar to that found on the sides of buses. Because they’re not plumbed, they can’t clog.


Renaissance Faires use portable potties, where they are referred to as “privies.” Some Renaissance Faires are lucky enough to take place at sites that have actual, permanent bathrooms. Other faires are in fields rented for the weekend, and there are no facilities.

Even the Renaissance Faires that do have permanent buildings with bathrooms almost always rent portable potties, because the faire site is too widespread and the people too numerous for the few toilets to handle everyone’s needs. For a Renaissance Faire, it is best to rent several handicapped portable toilets, as these are large enough to handle the elaborate garb worn by the performers and visitors to the faire. Farthingales take up a good bit of room.

Traveling carnivals, circuses, and fun fairs need portable potties. After eating deep-fried everything and drinking overpriced soda and lemonade, well, what goes in must come out.

Ethnic cultural events, such as Native American pow-wows, Scottish Highland Games, German Oktoberfests, Italian festivals, Greek festivals, , etc., need portable potties to accommodate the needs of their participants.

While some such events will take place where there are bathrooms, many take place where there either aren’t bathrooms, there aren’t enough bathrooms, or the bathrooms are too far away to be practical.

Outdoor musical festivals need portable potties.Taylor Event Planning

Sporting Events

5K run/walks and marathons are a popular fundraiser. However, all those runners and all those spectators will need to use the facilities, sooner or later. Renting portable potties and placing them along the course at regular intervals is a practical way to provide for everyone’s sanitary needs.


Getting your bathroom remodeled can be a stressful thing. That’s why you want to make sure you rent the cleanest toilets around. We take pride in the care of our quality portable restrooms. We also offer luxury options, so giving your bathroom a facelift doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Does your Taylor event need portable potties? If so, call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609.