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About Us

So You Want To Take a Good Honey Bucket Selfie

June 26, 2018


With the summer just getting started, it’s time to charge up your smartphone and take the super creative selfie that just might be a winner in our 2018 Honey Bucket Selfie Contest. The winner has a choice of either owning a brand new Honey Bucket Portable Restroom of their very own or taking home $1,000, so the selfie has to be top notch and very unique.
Here are some pointers on taking a good Honey Bucket Selfie:

  • Use the Hashtag – No matter how creative you get with your selfie, the most import thing to remember is that you’ll need to include #HoneyBucketSelfie in the caption when you share it on social media. Without it, your entry will not be officially entered.
  • Outside, Not Inside – Make sure your selfie is taken outside of the Honey Bucket. No matter how amazing your photo is, if it’s taken inside the portable restroom, it will be disqualified.
  • selfie3Group Selfies – Individual selfies are great, but why not mix it up and get a group together to join in on the selfie fun? Make a #HoneyBucketSelfie masterpiece with your friends.
  • Find Your Angle – Try a few different angles and poses. You never know which one will look the best until you try a few out.
  • Go Pro – Sure, anyone can take one or two selfies over the course of the summer, but if you really want to go above and beyond, snap away and share your selfies with us all summer long. There is no limit to how many times you can enter!
  • Consider the Composition – Once you have people and props in place, make sure that your photo is balanced and taken from the most unusual perspective.
    Pro tip: Most smart phone cameras have grid lines that you can turn on. Use the grid to balance your composition.
  • Do Several Takes – Try more than one pose using different groups of people and new props so you have several to choose from.
  • Classic Selfie Face – Try one shot using the expression that strikes the right balance between a smirk and a duck face – that’s classic!
  • selfie4Don’t Take It Too Seriously – Get goofy. Be creative. And enjoy the selfie photo shoot!
  • Prepare for Your Win – Unfortunately, we’re only choosing one winner per month this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning out where you’d put your new Honey Bucket if you win. It never hurts to dream big, right?

Taking a great photo and forgetting to share it would equal an epic fail. Share your Honey Bucket selfie on social media using #HoneyBucketSelfie or enter here. This year, there will be 4 Grand Prize Winners with random drawings in July, August, and September so you need to get your selfie up as soon as possible. The final deadline is September 3, 2018 with the winner of the selfie receiving the most votes announced on September 15. At Honey Bucket, we know how to have fun while getting the job done – we hope you do too. Can’t wait to see your Honey Bucket Selfie!