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Should I rent portable toilets for my event?

March 21, 2014

5 Reasons to Rent Portable Toilets for Your Next Event


Taylor Portable BathroomsThere is a novel way to make your outdoor event a success. The modern trend is to take advantage of portable toilets and hand washing stations. You do not have to go to the time and trouble of cleaning your home before and after the event. Your guests will have no reason to be in your home when you furnish outside facilities.

Large Crowds: Weddings, concerts, fairs, festivals and birthdays are a sampling of the events suitable for a portable toilet rental. If one bathroom is not enough, portable toilets allow you to provide multiple facilities placed strategically for the guests. Include a hand washing and sanitizing station so that guests can follow good hygiene techniques.

Safety First: Large events bring with them people that you do not know well. Allowing strangers to roam around the inside of your house poses a potential risky situation. You do not want nosy people snooping around in your private belongings or worse yet stealing them. Unfortunately, it is a prime time for someone to case your home for a future crime.

Convenience: Portable toilets are convenient for you and your guests. You will not have to go to any extra work or clean your restroom during the event. You will have more time and eliminate guests entering your home. If you put your bathroom off limits without furnishing facilities, some people will have to leave early.

Cost Effective: Portable bathrooms save you money. You can figure that one flush takes about a gallon of water. During most events, each guest will use the bathroom twice. That amounts to a lot of water. Portable toilets eliminate a huge water bill later. They allow you to lower expenses for a large gathering of people.

Cleanliness: The fact is that a percentage of people will leave your bathroom in disarray. Common complaints are throwing paper on the floor and failure to flush the toilet. Think of the status of the public bathrooms you have used in the past. You are exposing your bathroom to that condition by allowing a large gathering of people to have access.

Do you need to rent portable bathrooms in the Taylor, TX area? Call Honeybucket  at (512) 309-4609 and get started today!