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Resolving Your Toilet Troubles

December 11, 2015

Toilet Trouble: Top 3 Portable Toilet Rental Issues and How to Solve Them

Today’s portable toilets are a far cry from the hole in the ground that grandpa made for the old homestead long ago. No longer always merely utilitarian, the portable toilets available these days have amenities that may seem downright luxurious if the renter wants to spend a little more so that their guests or workers can have their private time in comfort.

Amenities like sinks with running water, sanitizer pumps, lights, and even air conditioning is ready for your use at an added cost. Their are still a few common complaints that portable toilet renters in Taylor frequently gripe about. So, what are these issues and how do we solve them?

Taylor, TX Event Planning(1)Keeping your portable toilet smelling fresh as a daisy

Many portable toilet users complain of foul odors, especially after a few days of continuous use at a busy site or venue. You have the option of using a good deodorizer that is developed expressly for the purpose of keeping the odors at bay.

These come in many different scents. There are now more environmentally safe and chemical free options available. with preferences for enzyme-based, greener options becoming more popular than formaldehyde and chemicals that were used frequently in the past. Ask your portable toilet rental dealer about your options.

If this option is still not enough for the nature lover in you, consider these other fantastic natural odor eliminators that have been used to keep portable toilets smelling good. Keep kitty litter on hand and use as an effective odor controller. The kitty litter must be odor controlling before it will have any effect. Adding just a handful of odor-control kitty litter to the tank daily will most effectively keep unpleasant odors at bay.

Take your fancy for eliminating unpleasant smells a step further, and make the natural choice to utilize essential oils to remove odors from the air. There are a couple of simple and effective ways that you can use essential oils as a room deodorizer.

Essential oils have the benefit of maintaining their aroma naturally for several days. Dip cotton balls in your favorite pure essential oil. Eucalyptus, lemon grass or lavender have great antiseptic and odor eliminating factors. Place cotton balls in a cloth sachet and hang directly above commode for maximum odor elimination.

(2)Keeping your portable toilet sanitary and fresh the natural way

Sanitation is always a big concern with portable toilets. Keeping up with maintaining cleanliness in the portable toilet is the first step to keeping germs at bay. A really great cleaning agent is cheap, natural and easy to use.

Make sanitation convenient and handy by mixing ½ cup of household bleach and ¼ cup of lemon juice together. Put mixture in spray bottle, and always keep within reach inside the portable toilet. Spray the toilet seat the disinfectant spray after each use. Take it a step further and remind guests to spray after each use with a polite sign.

(3)Get the air moving again, and breathe easy

a big problem for users of portable toilets is the need for proper air ventilation. Although most models of modern portable toilets are designed with good ventilation in mind, still air in tight spaces seems to easily become stagnant. If your portable toilet does not come with air conditioning or a fan system and stagnant air is becoming a problem, try using small portable fans strategically placed around the inside of your toilet. Ask your guests to leave door open after use if it remains a nuisance.

Remember if you have a serious issues with any of your rented portable toilets in Taylor, call us for advice and we will have you covered. After all, we are the experts and it is what we do.

Are you having trouble with your Taylor, TX party planning? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 for all your heating needs!