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About Us

Why Keeping Records is Important

October 8, 2021

There are industries that specialize in record keeping. Accounting, law, and history are a few that jump to mind. Portable sanitation usually isn’t one of them.

Like most industries, however, the player with the most data (and the know-how to use it) wins.

In portable sanitation, the important data isn’t limited to financials.

Here are just a few pieces of information your service provider should be tracking.

Moving portable restroom

1) Total attendance

The most obvious metric – how many people are showing up? More people require more toilets, more hand washing stations, etc.

2) Traffic arrival (when attendees arrive and at what rate)

This records when attendees arrive and at what rate. A concert, for example, will have most of their attendees arrive all at once. At a fair, however, the attendees arrive gradually.

3) Traffic departure (when attendees leave and at what rate)

Whether an event ends abruptly (like an outdoor movie) or gradually (like a beer festival or fair) determines whether units will be used gradually or all at once when people leave.

4) Unit traffic (traffic per unit)

This is how we can establish how often each of the units were used, which were underused, and which were overused.

5) Unit Locations (maps)

Combined with traffic per unit, we can establish where more units are needed and where less are required. Saving our clients money by eliminating units they don’t need is just as important to us as renting additional units when the situation requires it. When our customers succeed they’ll come back next year and the year after next.