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Portable Toilet Troubleshooting

March 4, 2016

Portable Toilet Troubleshooting: What Is The Most Frequent Problem Of Port-o-Potty Users, And How Do You Solve It?

Why Some Use A Port-o-Potty

Many Taylor residents use a portable toilet because they are forced to do so, especially if there are no sewer services, running water, or toilets that can be utilized in an area. Construction companies are known to use these toilets, especially if they are out in locations where they are building, and no toilets are close by.

Some will use a portable toilet for events, such as county fairs, weddings, parties, or other public gatherings. A portable toilet is a good way to allow everyone to relieve themselves when necessary. Although a portable toilet is necessary in some cases, many have problems with them, and a lot of these problems can be solved or minimized if something is done about the issues.

Taylor, TX Spring Home MaintenanceFrequent Problems Had By Port-o-Potty Users

The biggest problem portable potty users have is the smell. Ask anyone who’s ever used a portable toilet, and they’ll always say the smell is something that turns them off. In most cases, the smell just cannot be helped, but it is something that can be minimized to a certain degree. Other problems had by portable potty users are:

-The weather


-Lack of light

-No running water

-Lack of toilet paper

-Lack of paper towels

-Wet floors

-Floors covered with debris

-No toilet covers

-Dirty and/or wet toilet seats

With all the problems experienced by portable toilet users, it’s up to the person or company that is hosting the portable toilet to determine what to do to minimize the problems that people are facing.

Causes Of The Problems

The biggest problem faced by portable toilet users is the smell, and the fact is, human waste has a smell to it, whether it’s urine or the other kind of waste. When the waste sits around for too long, the smell only accumulates, and it doesn’t go away. When a regular toilet is flushed, the smell dissipates after a while, but in a portable toilet, the smell only lingers in the air.

Other causes of problems, such as bugs, may be because they are drawn to the darkness of the portable toilet or even to the waste in the toilet itself. Some portable toilets have lighting while others do not, and this is because no light has been supplied to the portable toilets.

Although most portable toilets don’t have running water, a source of water can be available outside of the toilet or within the portable potty to allow a person to wash their hands. Those that complain about a lack of toilet paper, paper towels, and toilet covers have a valid complaint, and no one is keeping up with the need for these items, which is the reason why these items are lacking.

The floor can easily be covered with debris, such as toilet paper and paper towels because the floor may get wet from people walking in from outdoors, so debris can sometimes be expected. No matter what the problem is with a portable toilet, all of it has a remedy that can make using a portable toilet much more bearable.

How To Remedy Some Of These Problems

Smell- Clean out the waste from the portable toilet several times a day if possible, as well as cleaning the toilet seat, even if it means not allowing anyone to use the toilet for a 10 minute period or more. Another way to minimize the smell is by putting an air freshener in the toilet. The best air freshener would be one that melts with warmth, so no spray is needed, especially since spray can be problematic to asthmatics and those who may be sensitive to the strong smell.

Bugs- Flypaper, traps, roach motels and more can be put into a portable toilet to catch bugs that may be a constant nuisance in and around the toilet.

Lighting- Instead of having people use flashlights to go to the portable toilet in the dark, put led lighting that can be turned on and off, inside the toilet. These lights can be attached to the wall, and the lighting lasts for many months if not years, and only batteries are needed for the lights.

Wet Floors- This is hard to remedy, but a piece of carpet or a mat on the floor of the portable toilet can help a person to dry their feet before tracking wet footprints into the portable toilet.

Lack Of Paper- Toilet paper, paper towels, and toilet seat covers should always be in supply and should be replenished by someone who is constantly checking on the bathroom as an attendant of your Taylor property. Also, make sure to keep the floor clear of paper debris to keep the portable toilet clean.

No Water- Have a supply of water close by for hand washing as well as hand sanitizer.

For portable toilet rentals or inquiries, contact Honeybucket in Taylor, TX at (512) 309-4609.