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Portable Toilet FAQ’s: Winter Edition

November 13, 2015

Ask Amanda: Why Doesn’t the Blue Liquid in Your Portable Restroom Freeze in the Winter?

The winter months are a complicated time for partgoers around America. Event planners must keep careful watch over the comfort and well-being of their giests, but the blue liquid in the portable toilets we provide never freezes in the winter. Want to know why? Now you can find out.

Taylor, TX Winter Potty#1: The Blue Liquid Is Thicker Than Water

Thick substances like the blue cleaning liquid in your toilet have much lower freezing temperatures, and the substance is so thick that it freezes even more slowly than normal. The blue liquid in the toilet sheds light on how much it takes to freeze a treatment product, and you will notice that the water is freezing much faster. You need to take charge of the plumbing in the house prevent frozen pipes with this liquid.

#2: Your Portable Toilet May Freeze and Crack If You Do Not Act

The pipes in the house will freeze if they are not treated well during the winter. Allowing the pipes in your home to see dripping water all winter will prevent freezing, and the blue liquid will help treat the pipes in a way that prevents freezing. Your patience will be rewarded as the water slowly drips into each pipe, and the slow flow of water will stop the pipes from freezing the moment the weather gets too cold.

#3: We Clean your Portable Toilet

The water in your toilet will cause deeper stains in the winter because of freezing water, but the blue cleaning liquid you use will help prevent these stains from forming in the dead of winter. The stains that once plagued you in the middle of the winter are no longer a problem for you as a homeowner, and you will enjoy your bathroom more during the harsh winter.

The blue liquid in your your portable toilet helps keep the tank, but you must let the blue liquid flow as much as possible to prevent a frozen potty. Frozen potties tend to burst in the winter, and you cannot afford to let them freeze and cause damage to your property. You can avoid all these problems by using a generous amount of blue cleaning liquid in your toilet, and you will have a much cleaner toilet tank when your construction or event is over.

Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 to get a potty for your Taylor, TX event!