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Portable Hand Washers are Vital for Any Event!

January 30, 2015

Portable Hand Washers 101


Portable hand washers are a big help in a lot of situations and can make life easier for you and your guests if you are hosting an event.

The good news is that investing in portable hand washers is typically not expensive and more than makes up for itself when used at a major event as it helps keep the guests happy and can even encourage them to buy food in some cases.

Let’s go over the benefits and uses of portable hand washers and why you’d be interested in purchasing one ore more for an event or other occasion.

Benefits of Portable Hand Washers

One of the main benefits of portable hand washers is sanitation. It is no secret that peoples hands become very unsanitary simply through daily life and the spread of germs.

In fact, most colds and common sicknesses are caused by things you touch, not through sneezing and other methods.

Portable hand washers can help to cut down on the spread of germs at work to help keep employees from having to take days off or work sick. They are also great for keeping troops sanitary by placing them in or near a latrine or porta potties when soldiers are in the field.

Why Get a Portable Hand Washer?

Getting a portable hand washer can be a big help at your next event especially if you have food for sale. Many people will put off buying food if they feel going to the restroom to wash their hands first is an inconvenience.

By having a portable hand washer near the food areas you can better entice visitors to spend their money buying various items. This is great for fairs, concerts, sporting events and anywhere that going to the rest room to wash hands is a hassle for your guests.

Buying a Portable Hand Washer

Portable hand washers come in many different styles and price points. Before spending your money make sure you check out the various options that are available to you and see which ones would be best for your particular needs.

Larger hand washing stations would be more appropriate for large events while smaller variants are better for stationing near porta potties and other restroom areas where there is no other option to wash hands.

Ultimately it is pretty easy to get the best model to suit your needs if you familiarize yourself with different models and styles.

Looking for a portable hand washer unit at your next Taylor area event? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today, and see the benefits of a portable hand washer.