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Portable Hand Sanitizers Keeps Germs and Bacteria Out

January 16, 2015

Portable Hand Sanitizers: What Are the Benefits of Portable Hand Sanitizers? 


When renting toilets from our company we always make sure to advise and discuss the many issues our clients have with cleaning hands and avoiding the spread of bacteria and germs whilst using our toilets.

One of the most popular items our clients often choose to include in their orders are portable hand sanitizers that can quickly be replaced and lower the problems of overflowing trash cans that can occur quickly with paper products.

What is Hand Sanitizer?

For most people the use of hand sanitizer is something they have been forced into doing when they are in a hospital, where sanitizer is now a popular option for staff members and nurses concerned about the spread of disease. Hand sanitizer should always include a solution of ethyl alcohol that is at least rated at 60 percent of the ingredients.

By making sure the sanitizer has at least this level of ethyl alcohol we believe through scientific evidence that the majority of diseases and germs can be removed from the hands.

As our clients generally rent our portable services for fun events they do not wish to get a reputation for passing on medical conditions and bacteria because they failed to include portable hand sanitizer options in their order.

The Benefits of Portable Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers in general offer many benefits, including the ease with which they can be used at all times and by people as they are passing a portable sanitizing station. Bacteria and germs can be passed onto all areas of a building or property, which means sanitizing stations positioned around an event can help halt the spread of disease.

Other benefits include the understanding that more people attending an event are likely to use hand sanitizer than will wash their hands using soap and water. This
can lead to a lower level of infection following adults and children around an event and back to their homes.

Are Portable Hand Sanitizers Easy to Deliver?

We have found that it is simple to include portable hand sanitizers in any order for our portable toilets and move them with ease to any event or work site.

Even when an individual simply wishes to have portable hand sanitizers delivered to their location this is easy to complete as the stations themselves can be moved with ease.

Looking to rent out some portable hand sanitizer’s for your next event in the Taylor area? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today, and see how hand sanitizers can benefit you for your next event.