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Perfect Potty, Perfect Party

May 22, 2015

Potty Care Tips

Taylor Portable ToiletsNothing is more important at a job site or at an event than a Porta Potty. Even though most people take them for granted they are an essential part of any outdoor operation. The need of a Porta Potty is real and so is the need to keep them clean, safe, and accessible when they are needed.

Keeping a Porta Potty Clean

The first step in properly cleaning a portable restroom is to remove the waste from the holding tank. This is done by using a very powerful vacuum to suck out all of the contents inside the tank. The the tank is refilled with a blue liquid that fights bacteria and controls foul odors.

In addition to replenishing the liquid levels it is also important to scrub the walls of the restroom and pressure wash them. Last but not least the toilet paper is restocked to make sure patrons will never be stuck in a stinky situation.

Porta Potty Safekeeping Fundamentals

One of the things owners of a Porta Potty always worry about is safety. They do not worry about the safety of the users as long as the portable restrooms are maintained, but the do worry about the safety of the restrooms themselves. Porta Potty are high targets for vandalism and it is important to take the adequate steps to secure them. One of the most important things about restroom security is location. With this said a Potty should never be placed in an obscure location. They should be placed right in the open with lots of foot traffic so vandals don’t get the opportunity to strike. It is also important to place them near the mobile security offices where someone can keep an eye on them. Security is of the out most importance with portable restrooms but if the correct steps are taken an owner can keep the restrooms safe as well as the patrons.

Make Sure The Porta Potty Is AccessibleTaylor Portable Potty Care

Many people believe that getting Porta Potties delivered for an event solves the problem of providing adequate facilities for people. But in reality another problem arises because a location has to be chosen that will provide access to all of the people nearby. Porta Potties have to be placed in central locations where they can easily be reached.

Apart from placing the restrooms in a central location they have to have enough clearance so maintenance can be performed. Portable restrooms should be accessible to all but after taking enough time to plan out your event or work site this should not be a problem.

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