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Party Planning Made Easy

April 24, 2015

How to Make Your Large Party a Hit


Taylor Portable ToiletsA large party is exciting to attend but nerve-wracking to plan. It’s a large audience, and if the party flops, it flops on a large scale. Since large parties typically celebrate special occasions, there is a great deal of planning that is required for a memorable, successful celebration. Here are a few tips to keep your large soiree planning in track.

Planning Time

First, allow enough time for a successful party. For guest lists that will top 200 or more, you will need 3-6 months of preparation time, depending on your area of the country and the budget you have.


Large parties always raise the question of space. Unless you own or have access to a large private home, you will need a location that can comfortably hold your guests and accommodate the activities at the party. Some hosts have their minds set on a special venue, and they will have to work around that facilities calendar. Some hosts want a particular date and are willing to find a venue that is available on the special day.


Once the date is set, send out ‘save the date’ cards to everyone on your guest list, with as much detail about the event as possible. For example, guests from out-of-town will want to plan their travel to the location, so if you can arrange for discounted hotel rates at our near the party, include that on the save-the-date cards. If your event will require formal attire, mention that as well so your guests can shop for the right clothing.

BudgetTaylor Party Planning

When working to develop a budget for your party, keep in mind the rule that being generous with guests always makes a better impression than being stingy. For example, if your budget is small and your guest list is long, consider a more casual event with a less expensive meal choice. It will make a much better impression to have a huge barbecue than a ridiculously small formal dinner.

Finally, be sure to send out invitations no later than 4 weeks before the event, complete with all details your guests will need, like addresses, maps, dress, menu, and suggested accommodations.

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