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About Us

National Diabetes Month: Keeping an Eye on Symptoms

October 28, 2016

National Diabetes Month: Keeping an Eye on Symptoms

healthy-dietDiabetes is a disease that is impacting more and more Americans every year. The implications of diabetes can be devastating or even deadly.

The great news is, with proper care, nutrition and attention to health details the disease can be very well managed for years. The first step to managing Diabetes is being aware of some of the warning signs.

Given that November is National Diabetes Month, this is a great time to start getting in tune with your body and listening to signals.

Managing Your Diabetes Everyday

Managing your diabetes on a daily basis can seem time-consuming, but if you have diabetes, it is an essential part of your day. Taking steps to manage your diabetes will help you be more comfortable, keep symptoms under control, and slow the disease’s progression down considerably.

health-concernsYou have to pay special attention to your diet, making sure to avoid sugary foods and drinks and to eat well-balanced meals on a regular basis. You’ve also got to make a habit of checking your blood sugar regularly throughout the day to monitor your levels.

If you are too high or too low, you’ve got to take steps to correct it immediately.

Building a Support System

Diabetes management is about lifestyle, so it is essential that you get your family and friends on board with you to help you manage your symptoms. They can help remind you to make healthy choices and to check your blood sugar often.

They can also keep a watchful eye, should you be displaying any of the physical symptoms of low blood sugar, like dizziness, confusion, and irritability.

Preventing Complications

exercise-regularlyDiabetes impacts a number of your body’s organs and systems. One of the greatest threats to your health is how diabetes affects your circulatory system, particularly your peripheries, like your hands and feet.

Unfortunately, because of poor blood flow to your extremities, there could be complications, but they can be avoided. Take time to engage in foot care regularly.

Inspect your feet and hands for injury. Treat all wounds or cuts immediately and don’t let them go. Get medical attention.

World Diabetes Day- November 14

Part of disease prevention is about raising awareness. Join in the conversation on World Diabetes Day, which takes place on November 14, worldwide. This massive campaign reaches 1 billion people in more than 160 countries. The goal is to reinforce preventative tips and awareness around this disease to improve health around the world- year round.

We’re part of your community, which means that we care about raising awareness in the community about issues that matter to you, like your health. If you are looking for portable toilet rentals in Taylor, TX for your next community event, call Honeybucket at (512)-309-4609.