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Luxury Restroom Trailer … I Think So!

October 10, 2014

Regular Porta-Potties vs. Luxury Restroom Trailers


There are a number of differences between regular porta-potties and luxury restroom trailers. Regular porta-potties are smaller than luxury restroom trailers. They are usually big enough for one person to comfortably use. There are, in general, features that include tissue holders, ventilation, a roof that allows light to get into the room, and a toilet. The features for regular porta-potties are usually bare minimum. Even the optional features for regular porta-potties seem like bare minimum features, especially when compared to luxury restroom trailers. Some of the optional features for regular porta-potties include hand cleanser liquid and seat covers.

Luxury restroom trailers are very different from regular porta-potties. They are indeed luxury units when compared to regular units. They have extensive features that make visits to the units more comfortable than regular units do. Luxury restroom trailers can have features such as heating and air conditioning. Regular porta-potties, in general, do not have those features. Regular units can become very uncomfortable during very hot or very cold weather. Luxury restroom trailers can also have sound systems. The atmosphere of luxury restroom trailers can also be more comfortable than regular porta-potties.

Taylor Portable Rentals They can sometimes include wood-laminated flooring and simulated marble inside of the units. They sometimes have countertops and sinks for cleaning and washing. Some have urinals that are similar to public restrooms, complete with privacy walls or screens. Adding to the luxurious atmosphere, some units also have framed pictures or paintings on the walls.

Luxury restroom trailers can also have features such as hand towels and interior lighting. The luxury units can seem like regular restrooms or bathrooms in buildings or houses. The lighting is often controllable by light switches like those that are in houses. In addition, the doors have doorknobs, which is another feature that makes luxury restroom trailers seem more like house bathrooms, without the bath. The interior lighting can make using the units easier and more comfortable than using regular porta-potties. Luxury restroom trailers also sometimes have large mirrors inside of them. The toilets in luxury restroom trailers can flush. This feature can possibly help a person feel more like they are in a regular restroom or bathroom. It can also possibly help with getting rid of undesirable odors.

Luxury units have features that are far from being the bare minimum for portable restroom users. Those features can possibly help make the portable restroom experience more comfortable.

Need a luxury restroom trailer in the Taylor area? Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609 today for quick and reliable services.