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Luxury Potties for The Finest of Parties!

June 26, 2015

Luxury Portable Toilet Rentals

Taylor Luxury Portable ToiletsNearly everyone has been to an event of some sort and had to use a porta potty. Chances are this was not a good experience for you, due to the fact that port-a-potties are flat out disgusting and are not something that people generally look forward to using.

Then again, there are not too many options to escape this problem, and they do serve their purpose. However, if you are running an event, there is always the option of simply renting a luxury portable toilet, instead of your typical port-a-potties. Here are some reasons why you might opt to go in this direction, instead of the typical route.

High Class Events

If you are hosting an upscale event where people are dressed up, although the event is taking place outside, you may have no other choice but to rent portable toilets.

In these situations, the event staff and hosts want the guests to be comfortable and have toilets that are fitting of the occasion, and in these circumstances, it only makes sense to have upper class toilets, regardless of the fact that the event is taking place outside, or at a venue where there are not indoor toilets available.


Often time’s people want to get married in a location that is special to them, and a lot of the time, there aren’t the best of facilities for the guests to use. Obviously at a wedding, the bride wants the day to go off without a hitch, and usually the additional costs of renting a luxury bathroom are of no concern to the people that are actually getting married. This is a situation where a luxury toilet is very appropriate, as it would be pretty tacky to simply have portable potties at a wedding.

RemodelingTaylor Portable Toilets

If you are remodeling your home and have to make other accommodations, where you are going to be having to rely on another toilet for a while, it may make the most sense to simply get a luxury toilet, so you do not have to continuously use a portable potty.

This is one of those situations where you want to get the most comfort as possible, and especially if you have money in the bank and are willing to put out a little bit of extra money for more comfort, you should absolutely consider renting a luxury toilet, instead of a portable potty.

Planning a party in Taylor? Don’t forget to order a lovely portable potty from Honeybucket! Call now at (512) 309-4609.