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Keep Hands Clean at Your Next Event

May 8, 2015

Hand Sanitation at Public Events: It Matters

Taylor Portable RestroomsThe benefits of hand washing have been known for centuries flourishing in the nineteenth century. Florence Nightingale proved that better sanitation could make a significant difference in public health.

Hand washing prevents disease from spreading. Given that this knowledge has been available for hundreds of years, why does society struggle with hand washing?

The answer is easy: during public events, where large numbers of people attend, there isn’t a means for crowds to wash their hands. Certain venues don’t support hand hygiene by offering soap, water and paper towels. Offering hand sanitizer stations at events is not only important, but also socially responsible.

How Much and How Often?


While the gold standard for hand hygiene is washing hands with soap and water, this method isn’t always available or convenient. In these situations the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol. Each sanitizer manufacturer suggests what amount is appropriate for the reduction of microorganisms.

If you’ve entered a hospital lately, you’ve seen that most care centers place small hand sanitation stations at locations where contact with germs is likely. If you haven’t noticed this practice, pay special attention the next time you enter a care center. You can expect stations near: restrooms, elevators, stairs, cafeterias, coffee kiosks and any area where high contact is likely. The reason is clear; sanitizing hands prevents disease transmission.

Healthy FunTaylor Handwashing station

Healthcare institutions base their practices on scientific evidence. These businesses know that in the absence of soap, water and paper towels, hand hygiene is their responsibility. The purpose? Hand sanitation protects employees, visitors and patients who are already compromised. All manner of healthcare practitioners care for ill patients who are colonized with germs capable of disabling entire populations.

They understand how important it is to protect others and themselves. Hospital administrators know that if they don’t provide a convenient way for employees to maintain clean hands, they will loose countless hours of productivity due to illness.

Providing hand sanitation at events is not only important, it’s the right thing to do. Choose to renew your commitment to personal and public safety by providing hand sanitation at social events.

Make sure you hand sanitizing stations for your Taylor event. Call Honeybucket at (512) 309-4609!